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Rise of the Witch King Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Tip of the Week - Using Cloud Break

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018
This week, we'll talk about the Cloud Break spell and how it has evolved to become one of the best 15 power point spells currently available to the Forces of Light factions.Cloud BreakCancels Freezing Rain or DarknessStuns enemy unitsSlowly heals allied units across the map and replaces several...
Strategy Guide

Tip of the Week - How to Use Arrow Volley

Thursday, 16 Nov 2017
This week, we will talk about the Arrow Volley spell and its relevance in v7.0.0.Normally, the last option spell for most players, Arrow Volley has a rather simple function: target, fire, kill. What makes it somewhat unpopular, however, is the fact that opponents can so easily escape the...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Faramir's Wounding Arrow

Tuesday, 5 Sep 2017
This week, we will talk about Faramir's Wounding Arrow and its relevance in v7.0.0.Perhaps one of the more underappreciated abilities, Faramir's Wounding Arrow deals specialised damage vs. most kinds of Monsters, as well as cause fear to them. Alternatively, it may be used against heroes and...
Strategy Guide

Rotwk Experience Guide

Monday, 15 Aug 2016
This guide details the RotWK experience system for patches 2.01 and 2.02 v6. There are some minor differences between the two, however, the basics are valid for either patch.Essentially, experience is a secondary resource present in the entire The Battle for Middle-Earth game series. It 'buys'...
Strategy Guide

Angmar Build Orders

Monday, 1 Aug 2016
Double Hall StartMill->Mill->HotKM->Mill->Thrallmaster->Mill->Thrallmaster->HotKM->Thrallmaster->ThrallmasterA simple build that can be followed up by many things after 1-2 more Mills:A 3rd HotKM, recommended vs. Goblins and AngmarA TaWD either as emergency reaction in case there's a high amount...
Strategy Guide

Goblin Build Orders

Monday, 25 Jul 2016
The Standard Build(s)3xororTunnel->Tunnel->Goblin Cave->Tunnel->Goblin Warriors->Goblin Cave->Goblin Warriors->Goblin Warriors->Goblin Cave->3xGoblin Warriors->Goblin Cave or Fissure or Spider PitThis build is universal and allows you to add whatever the match-up requires. Keep in mind that a...
Strategy Guide

Mordor Build Orders

Monday, 18 Jul 2016
Tripple Pit Spam into PalaceSlaughterhouse->Slaughterhouse->Orcpit->Slaughterhouse->Orcpit->Orc Warriors->Orcpit->Orc Warriors->Orc Archers->Orc Warriors->Orc Warriors->Haradrim PalaceA build that uses Orc spam as backbone of its army, granting you a lot of production but also making you fragile...
Strategy Guide

Isengard Build Orders

Monday, 11 Jul 2016
Clansteading into fast Uruk PitorFurnance->Furnance->Clansteading->Furnance->Wildmen->Uruk Pit->Wildmen->Crossbows/Uruk Pikemen->Wildmen This is the most popular and flexible build of Isengard due to the high amount of versatile Infantry very early, which grants you safety aswell as aggressive...
Strategy Guide

Dwarf Build Orders

Monday, 4 Jul 2016
The Standard Buildor orororMineshaft->Mineshaft->Hall of Warriors->Mineshaft->Guardians or Phalanxes->Mineshaft->Guardians->Mineshaft->Guardians->Hall of Warriors or Archery Range or Forge Works or Prince BrandDwarves don't have a great variety of build orders, however they do have a wide variety...
Strategy Guide

Elves Build Orders

Monday, 27 Jun 2016
Standard Start into LancersMallorn Tree -> Mallorn Tree -> Barracks -> Mallorn Tree -> Lorien Warriors -> Mallorn Tree -> Infantry -> Green Pasture -> Infantry -> Rivendell LancersThis is the best all-round build for Elves as it works against any faction except Dwarves. The player can vary his...