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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Tiberium Wars is the third installment of the Command & Conquer Tiberian series, which started with Tiberian Dawn in 1995, returned in Tiberian Sun in 1999 and is set to conclude with Tiberian Twilight in 2010.

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Strategy tips, guides and forums

Every week, GameReplays tries to publish one short strategy tip, our Tip of the Week, which usually deals with one particular aspect of the game. In addition, we make longer strategy guides, which address more complex topics.

IPB Image Chronological Strategy Index: A rolling index of all Tips and Guides.

IPB Image Chronological Tip-of-the-Week Index: A rolling index of Tips only.

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Game information

IPB Image About Tiberium Wars
The third part of the Command & Conquer series continues the story of the struggle of the Global Defense Initiative against the militant Brotherhood of Nod, as the world is slowly being consumed by the ever-spreading Tiberium.
IPB Image Screenshots and Game Art
A collection of screenshots from Tiberium Wars, ingame art and concept art.
IPB Image Technology Tree
A tech tree of all structures, units, upgrades and support powers, both for Tiberium Wars and the expansion Kane's Wrath.
IPB Image Review of Tiberium Wars
GameReplays's very own AgmLauncher takes a critical look at Command & Conquer 3.
IPB Image Kane's Wrath Portal
An expansion pack has been released, Kane's Wrath, which fills in details of the story before, during and after the events of Tiberium Wars. However, the gameplay of Kane's Wrath is significantly different, so that it has its very own section on GameReplays.
IPB Image Game Manual (PDF)

Brotherhood of Nod
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Powers and Upgrades

Specific units

These guides deal with a single unit type.

Support powers

A support power is an instant effect that comes at a cost and requires a cool-down time between uses. Most support powers are global (like reinforcements, intelligence scans, or bombardment), while some are particular to a unit or structure (like calling for transport).


Counter strategies

Map Guides


Tips and guides from Kane's Wrath

The expansion pack Kane's Wrath differs from Tiberium Wars in several aspects of the gameplay such as build costs and upgrade paths. However, some tips from the Kane's Wrath strategy section still apply partially to Tiberium Wars and might be worth a look.