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Deactivating and Reactivating Profiles
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You can deactivate and reactivate profiles, so you can keep your favourite profiles without exceeding the current limit of active profiles. Currently, there is a limit of 16 active profiles and if you have 16 profiles or more, you won't be able to make another one. Now you can deactivate profiles to get yourself below the limit. If you have less than the current limit of active profiles, you can create a new profile or re-activate one that you've deactivated.

Deactivating profiles

To deactivate a profile, hit the profile in the Active Profiles list (see above) to show the controls for that profile.

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Hit "Deactivate this Profile" under Status. At the moment, there is no limit to the number of inactive profiles you can have on your account.

Reactivating profiles

To reactivate a deactivated profile, hit "Inactive Profiles" on the "My Profiles" page (above) to reveal a list of inactive profiles.

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On the list of deactivated profiles, hit the profile that you wish to re-activate. You do not need to provide any confirmation but you should be aware that system will not allow you to reactive a profile if you already have the maximum number of active profiles; you will need to deactivate one of your active profiles first.

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